• 【OSG external double axis guide】,
  • 【Titan extruder】,
  • 【Mute motherboard】,
  • 【Core XY printer structure】,
  • 【Power off and continue to print】,
  • 【Removable aluminum plate】,
  • 【Double Z axis design】,
  • 【Automatic leveling】,
  • 【Square structure】
  • 【30PIN wiring design】
  • 【SKU: TM-034】

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Product Name      X5SA Pro 3D Printer 330*330*400mm
Weight                   16.5 kg = 36.3763 lb = 582.0204 oz
Category                3D Printer > X5SA Series > X5SA Pro

X5SA Pro – Advantage

Independently developed motherboard, mute drive.

Full belt transmission, higher stability, to ensure the high quality of the model.

Creatively add a material breakage detection switch and power off and continue to print function, which is sensitive. Automatically stops when the material is cut out and store the printing progress after power off , then continue printing after power on.

Increase the bearing capacity of hot bed, reduce the error in printing, printing more fine.

Support dynamic leveling compensation, matrix sixteen point detection leveling.

With four polished rods and two screw rods, it has high stability, large space utilization, suitable for education and enterprises, can easily realize high-precision printing.

Connect the main board and the print head assembly by one 30PIN wiring only, makes the appearance more simple and beautiful.

DIY large format X5SA Pro 3d printer Product Parameters:

– Print Principle: FDM (Fused deposition molding)
– Machine size: 580×645×660mm(22.84 ×25.4×25.99 in)
– Print size: 330× 330×400 mm(12.992×12.992×15.75 in)
– Machine weight:14kg (30.86 lb )
– Print color: monochrome
– Print thickness: 0.1-0.3 mm (optional) (0.003937-0.011811 in)

1、Advantages of X5SA Pro durable diy 3d printer:

The difference with X5SA is that X5SA PRO uses 2-axis guide rail and TITAN extruder. The service life and printing accuracy of the slider are higher. The movable panel can be removed after printing the model,
thereby reducing the difficulty of removing the model.

(1) The difference between X5SA Pro and X5SA: Titan extruder is added, TPU filament can be used, the feed is more stable, and the playability is stronger. Provide users with more options.

(2) The difference between X5SA Pro and X5SA: The OSG external dual-axis guide rail is added to achieve industrial-level printing accuracy, smoother movement and longer service life.

(3) X5SA Pro is a 3D printer specially developed for people who like large-size printing and DIY. Users need to install and debug by themselves. In this process, they can enjoy the fun of DIY assembly. Users can innovate
and modify the appearance of X5SA Pro according to their own ideas to satisfy users’ creativity.

2、Be careful before buying:

(1) —-Before performing automatic leveling, please make sure that the position of the adjustable sensor is not lower than the nozzle position. After some automatic leveling operations, please make sure that the difference
between the data is less than 0.05mm. Don’t forget to set the ZOFFSET distance.

(2) The purpose of – 3D printer is to provide our customers with a good user experience. All 3D printers undergo strict printing tests before they leave the factory, so if there are filaments remaining in the nozzles, this is normal. Do not worry.

(3)-If it is found that the print head assembly and the print platform are shaking, they are normal after transportation. Tighten the eccentric nut, this is not a quality problem.

(4)-Don’t miss the orange card reader and SD card, machine assembly manual, printing test file and slicing software included in the SD card.

(5) The attached SD card provides an electronic version of the operating instructions and a link to the installation video. After receiving the package, please check the integrity of the parts first. If any parts are missing or damaged, please contact the after-sales service email as soon as possible.

(6) If you find that the actual printing time is longer than the estimated time of the slicing software, please don’t worry. This is not a quality issue. Please contact our after-sales service to update the firmware parameters. This problem is easy to solve

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