3D Flexible Red TPU Filament 1.75 mm, 2.2 LBS (1KG)

♥ 1.75MM TPU(flexible) FILAMENT: The TPU(flexible) filaments are useful in a broad range of printing applications which have the advantage of Low-Odor and Low-Warp. Compared with traditional brittle TPU(flexible), Our 3D printer filaments have adjusted the degradability of the material for optimal performance, so Our TPU(flexible) filaments are not brittle during 3D printing jobs.Shore hardness A, 3 sec95 ; Shore hardness D, 15 sec46
♥ +/- 0.05MM TOLERANCE: Our TPU(flexible) 3D printer filaments are produced with more precise specification and have a tolerance of only +/- 0.05 mm. No matter which 3D printer you are using, the consistently round diameters provide optimum flow through the extruder nozzle. Almost all 1.75 mm-specification 3d printers in the market are configured to run with the TPU(flexible) 3D printing filaments
♥ VACUUMED SEALED PACKAGING: Some 3D printing materials can be negatively affected by moisture, so this is why Our 3D printer filaments are all vacuumed sealed along


Product Name        3D Flexible Red TPU Filament 1.75 mm, 2.2 LBS (1KG)
Item NO.                  TPU Red
Weight                      1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category                   Filaments > TPU filament
Tag                            XY-2 PRO , X5SA , D01 , X5SA Pro

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