Process a Warranty

Thank you all for supporting Temaker. And we understand that you will get frustrated or sad when you encounter some 3d printer problems.

When your Printer encounters some problems, please feel free to send an email to, and our technical support team will contact you as soon as possible.

And you have to provide some feedback and information. Please understand that this is our working progress as below:

1. Replacement Needed:

If you are looking for a replacement directly, you have to contact the seller who sold you 3d Printer now, and the seller will confirm the issue and confirm if apply for a replacement for you directly. That is the quickest way for the seller to send you the part. And we have no free replacement service for the machines purchased by the third party. Because we only send the replacement part to our distributors.

2. Technical Support Needed:

If you have any 3d printing questions, you can write to Our technical personnel will answer your inquiry as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

You might need to send pictures and videos for help checking the issue. Pls provide the below information for the seller/ customer service for quick checking;

1.Your printer model

2. Your order number and an online store that you purchase from(if the replacement part needed after confirming the issue, you still need to contact the seller directly)

3. What is the specific problem with your Printer?

4. Please provide explicit videos and pictures of the problem, including the machine SN code, which you can find in the 3D Printer (a black bar with a series of numbers).

Warranty Regulations

Warranty coverage:

(1) The following accessories are not included in the warranty coverage if they are not damaged by transportation: sticker; platform plate; card reader and SD card; glass; USB cable; filament and tools, etc.

(2) Before we deliver the goods, we will test the machine, which may scratch the profile. Besides, long-distance transportation may also be a little scratch. In the premise of not affecting the regular use, in principle, not within the scope of warranty;

(3) Extruder kit warranty period is three months;

(4) Motherboard, Screen display, power supply, and hotbed, their warranty period is 12 months;

(5)if there are 3D Printer quality problems over the warranty period(12 months), the Printer can be sent back to the original seller for maintenance(you can get free care), but the user needs to bear the return shipping and maintenance costs;

Not included in warranty coverage:

(1) It is impossible to provide an SN code or order number;

(2) Exceed the warranty period;

(3) Equipment failure or damage caused by unauthorized modification of the equipment, the use of the equipment in a working environment not specified by the product

(4) Equipment failure or damage due to the improper use or maintenance (moisture, etc.), the incorrect installation and use or the use of other branded components or low-quality consumables;

(5)Accidental or human behavior lead to product damage, such as input inappropriate voltage / high temperature/water immersion / mechanical damage /broken/severe oxidation or rust products and so on;

(6)Due to force majeure, such as earthquakes, fires, lightning, and other products caused by failure or damage;

Please note that if the customer goes to an unofficial place to flash the Marlin firmware or other unofficial firmware, it means that the warranty policy no longer covers your machine.

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