Founder - john frieda

In 2012, I went to the United States to participate in the exhibition. At a booth, I saw a business showing the use of 3D printers. I was full of curiosity about the 3D printer. After the exhibition, I started to contact the exhibitors for up to 3 months. In early 2013, I spent a high fee to purchase a printer from the USA to China. It is the original of the brand story.

More than a year has passed, and the development of 3D printers is full of challenges and difficulties, which caused me to be on the verge of bankruptcy. My family gave me financial help in critical moments. However, they would like me could set an end time for the project. If the time-end, my team and I have not developed it yet, and maybe I should give up this project.

Finally, we succeeded in the project within the ultimate three months.

Established in 2015

Michael, Sara, Dan, and I work in an office of less than 20 square meters. It is where the dream begins—moving forward.

Develop new markets

We entered a period of rapid development in 2016-2018, and sales reached 20 million. Our business expands to the United States, Europe, Russia, Au, the Middle East, and other regions.

2020 Different Year

Everyone is working at home due to COVID-19. We resumed work in April. Simultaneously, the order volume has skyrocketed. The production schedule is in line until the end of the year. We are now committed to developing products that are different from the past, such as LCD 3D printers.

LCD 3D Printer

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Our Team

Intention to create, design the 3D printers that meet your needs.

Amy Woodward

Marketing Managers

Sara Barone


Michael Bowman

R&D and Design

What Client Say?

Brand Mission: Life is full of ideas, we are determined to make these ideas into reality for everyone. Intention to create, design the 3D printer meet you needs.

3D printers are mainly used for Garage Kit model making, medical props making, DIY design, film, television props making, and architectural model making.

Our business has covered more than 50 regions around the world; more and more people know TEMAKER. We’re honored and humbled by the great feedback we receive from our customers daily.

We’re proud to measure our customer satisfaction rate at 98%, growing every year for the past five years.

John Ennis

This printer is very well designed, made of very good materials and while taking a while to assemble performs very well. Instructions are easy to understand and makes building the unit very simple, but take your time and make sure every thing is level and square. Prints are very quiet and very reliable.

Richard Schak

Took 5 hours to build very impressed with the quality materials and very sturdy. Larger than I expected but overall good size and great printing foot print. I contacted customer support and they were very helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend this product to any 3D enthusiast.

Debra Reynolds

We purchased this for our son for his 12th birthday. It is a great 3D printer for beginners! It has been easy to work with and easy to use!

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